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Grayson and the no. 5

October 29, 2009

Mom:  “Grayson, do you have a birthday coming up this week”?

Grayson:  “Yaaeeesss”.

Mom:  “How old are you going to be”?

Grayson:  “Five”.

Mom:  “You mean, two.  You’re going to be two”.

Grayson:  “NO.  FIVE”!

funny grayson


Mom:  “Grayson, what a nice dinner you had!   Would you like a treat”? 

Grayson:  “Yaaeeesss”.

Mom:  “Here are two candy corns, because you are two“.

Grayson:  [after eating the two candy corns].  “Two!  Two!  Two”!  [reaching for the candy dish]. 

Mom:  “Okay, here are two more”.

Grayson:  “NO!  FIVE!!!”

gray + augie

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  1. mom permalink
    November 2, 2009 2:45 pm

    Dear Amy, You and Bill did a nice job with Grayson’s party. the food was delicious and loved watching the little ones. Love Mom

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