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Thankful Notecards

November 25, 2009

I love the holidays.  LOVE the holidays!  My house is about 75% decorated already for Christmas [much to Bill’s chagrin] because I just can’t stand it any longer.  The smell of fresh pine fragrating my house is just too sweet to put off any longer. 

One of the things I love most about this time of year isn’t so much about the decorations, the presents and the fancy food, but the meaning behind it.  I don’t think I’ve actually thought too much about all this until recently either.  Seems like in the past I’ve just gone through the motions of getting everything up and ready, but not actually thinking about the gratitude behind everything.  I mean, we can all make a turkey any given day of the year, but why is a Thanksgiving turkey so much better on this day?  My wish for everyone who reads this, is to just take a minute to share what we are thankful for.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the best at always sharing my gratitude, but I am trying my best to cultivate it in my young kids.   Working towards many years of thankfulness.  :)

BTW, I found these notecards at Spark Stationery.  Aren’t they great??

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