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Saint Nicholas

December 8, 2009

As you know, Saturday was the Feast of Saint Nicholas in the Catholic Church. I have been wondering since Saturday night, who is St. Nick?  Is he Santa Clause or is he somebody else?  Seven year old Phoebe, who was at our house with her parents Saturday night, insisted he is different from Santa.  They are Catholic, we are not, but she was very convincing, and I believed little Miss P, so I did some research.  Saint Nicholas is [was] a real person renowned for his great kindness and generosity, and he’s the origin of our modern day Santa Claus. You can read more about the real Saint Nicholas here,

It is still tradition in many European countries for children to leave their shoes out on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, expecting to find small gifts and candies in the shoes when they awake on December 6th. I love any reason to celebrate the joy of giving and start a family tradition, and although we put their gifts in their stockings, I just might have to start the shoe thing next year.  This year, the kids got markers, crayons, and superhero action figures.  Charlie took a few to school on Monday for show-and-share and Superman came back with an amputated leg.  So much for that!

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