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John Moss

December 19, 2009

The reason I am posting this, is because I think it is so cool how ironical the events took place, and how the knowledge came forth.

So, this past Thursday, 7 ladies and I went to volunteer at The Joy House, part of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.  It was so great.  We went and wrapped gifts for a few hours, talked, laughed, and had our Starbucks and scones.  Inside though, I was a little sad.  I was thinking, “gosh, if I were a kid and I received a gift that had a label stating “B7-9”, I’d be heartbroken.  Is this all that these kids know??? 

Marty was watching the boys as part of our usual Thursday routine, and she asked me where I volunteered.  I told her, and Marty replied, “well you know that my great-grandfather, John Moss, was one of the founders of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission”.  

How cool is that???  And the irony.  Of all the places that we could have volunteered that day, we picked this one. 

And this is where Grayson gets his middle name – from John Moss.  When Grayson was born, we received a gift from Mary & Ron [Bero] – a book entitled, “John Moss”, handed down from the generations.  To my knowledge, only Rachel and Grayson share this special name.

The book states [p.15]:

Next in importance to his church and Sunday school work, Mr. Moss placed the need of concerted effort to save the homeless men who drifted to the large cities.  Mr. Moss was one of the founders of the Milwaukee Rescue Mission and had been president of the association for nine years, at the time of his death.

Mr. F.G.Becker, supintendent, wrote:

He was always ready to give his time and wisdom and judgment in helping to solve the larger questions of the work.  He always saw the spiritual side, where many others saw the financial.  He put a higher value on winning souls and doing work which would count for eternity.  That seemed foremost in his life.  He seemed to take great delight in doing for those for whom no one else seemed to care.

He was a pretty amazing guy I think.  I am looking forward to future years when we can take our boys and serve the families. 

Grayson Moss Bruss:

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