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Future Tennis Star?

December 28, 2009

Right now I am I in the midst of cleaning out the photos on my computer and *trying* to get everything archived, when I came across these cuties of little Gray that I don’t think I ever posted.  It is so hard to decide – do I delete them or save them?  I just can’t save everything

 Charlie and Grayson fought over this old red racquetball racquet that Nana gave them all summer.  It wasn’t until late August that I came up with the solution…give one of them Bill’s    [hee hee!] Maybe this summer will be the turning year of when one of them can actually hit the ball back.  Well, I think Charlie might have hit a few returns actually, but this year he can take pee wee tennis up at the club, so yay!  We’re getting there!Is it sad that we’ve just begun ski season and I’m already looking forward to warmer weather?  It was brutally cold and windy today, definately in the teens, so definately not ideal for skiing with the kiddos, but we’re going to try again tomorrow.  Ski lesson for Charlie promptly at 11!  I just hope he doesn’t pull any of this with his instructor [see below].You gotta love the crocodile tears.  It happens.  Grayson skiing this past Sunday made it about 2 minutes before he was, “skiis off!  skiis off!”  At least he was cool tromping around in his ski boots all day…step 1.

Okay!  So back to cleaning house.  No doubt this is something I will stay up until 2am doing.  What is wrong with me???  But I’m thinking definately save the pictures…who knows?  People magazine  might need them for his big cover story in 2025!!  Let’s just 86 the crystal meth use and the fake mohawk mullet toupe!  Oh, and please, the jorts??

Andre, I do love you, but I just can’t have my kids looking like that.  Tennis star, yes!  Crystal meth, no!  Glad to see you’ve turned all that around. 

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