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2009: A Year in Review

December 31, 2009

January:  This is still to this day, one of my all time favorite pictures of Grayson.  I took this right after the New Year, one year ago, in front of our Christmas Tree.  I love you Boo!

 February:  Ahhh, another one of my fav’s.  This was the picture I chose for his special *box*. 

 March:  My sweets.

April:  A very memorable moment for me, just the four of us goofing around in my office.  I LOVE Grayson’s expression here!

May:  I loved this day!  I remember Bill was out of town, the weather was kind of brisk, but so good to be outside.  The kids were so cute and lovey to one another, but of all the pics from that day, this one is still my fav. 

 June:  What else can I say?  Priceless.

July:  Charlie’s Big Top Birthday!  Oh what a day.  I always love this time of year because my brother Matt and his family are home, and all the aunts and uncles and cousins flock to the lake for days of festivities. 

August:  Sandbox fun.  There’s that laugh again!

September:  I can’t remember where I took this, but I love it!

October:   Pumpkins and pumpkin farms.

November:  The G-man turns two!  I can hardly believe it!  Time sure does fly.  This picture is way more precious than anything from his birthday.  He was growling at Charlie’s friend Cole when they came over to trick-or-treat.  Nice.

December:    This was a month of Saint Nikolaus, Pieter the Elf and Santa Claus, making cookies, eating cookies, making hot chocolate, not liking hot chocolate, lots of parties and lots and lots of kisses.  Wow!  Looking forward to a spectacular year in 2010.  Happy New Year everyone!

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