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Simple Treasures

January 11, 2010

I can’t tell you how many hours Charlie has logged in with his Playmobile castle + pirates, but let’s just say it’s LOTS!  It’s so great, and I love listening to him talk for the pirates and create little scenarios.  Today, one of the pirates was having a birthday party!  So cute. 

Although there are literally, hundreds of little tiny pieces, which is actually mostly fine because I know Grayson won’t try and eat them, some of the little treasures coins and little guns have found a new home inside my vaccuum.

These days everything is about who the *bad guys* are.  With his pirates, with his cartoons, people on the street, and definately every Packer Sunday, it’s, “daddy, who are the baaaad guys“? 

So a couple times a day, Charlie will take his little red stool over to the counter, and then uses the knobs as a ladder to hoist himself up.  Then Grayson takes over the little red stool and they will play really well together 80% of the time.  Grayson is always good about sharing, but Charlie…well, not so much.  Here Grayson is getting a little talking to about NOT throwing all the little pieces on the floor.  Hence, disappearing pieces into the vaccuum.

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