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Love, Stella

January 19, 2010

The Australian Open is going on right now and call me obsessed!  I think this tournament is even better than Wimbeldon or the US Open.  Yesterday, my boyfriend, Rog, got quite a scare in the first round to Igor Andreev, but pulled it off.  Whew!  The ladies have been sporting some fantastic outfits, which of course, I had to google to see which ones I could get.  I loved the outfit Maria Sharapova wore, but she lost in the first round so not good karma for me, and it looks a little too fancy for the lcclub.  Unfortunately, [or furtunately], they are all either too expensive or sold out anyways :(   The only good one left that is available is the fushia dress that Serena wore in the US Open when she had her little spat with the line judge.  That earned her a $92,000 fine – like a $10 bill for you and me, but since she’s been so bratty about it, I’m NOT getting this one, even though I love it, and I love her…

But Stella…Oh how I love Stella!!!  Minus the blond hair, this is exactly what I look like when I go play!  Ha..ha..ha.  But this line, oh how I lu-hu-luuuv it!  It’s Adidas by Stella McCartney.  Simply yummy.  I love how vintage and old it looks!  She definately needs to add some more pieces to her collection though — some pieces that the average folk like me could actually wear?!!  I’d look a little  left-of-center if I showed up in this at the gym.  But I’ll admire it from afar and I’ll keep on drooling!

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