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About a Boy…

January 28, 2010

…named Matt. 

I have lots of fond memories of my brother Matt as a kid – one of then being the *nest* that he sported most mornings between the years of 1980 and 1985.  IF,  I’m remembering correctly.  I’m pretty sure I am :)

Matt’s nest was about triple this.  This picture is of Charlie early one morning, and it doesn’t even do the *nest* justice.   What’s unbelievable [to me anyways], is that Grayson, with his thin hair and all, can produce one of the most fantastic bird’s nest of any.   Oh yes.  It gets quite large.

So back to Matthew…

One time, at their FIRST playdate, Matt, absolutely would NOT give back Laura’s doll [Laura, being Bill’s little and only sister]. 

This doll was so cute – she had plastic appendages and a yellow & white checked gingham body.  My mom actually had to buy LGB a new doll so Matt could keep the one she brought for their *playdate*. 

I LOVE this!!! 

To Matt:  Love ‘ya kid!

To Bill:  ** Obviously, my brother Matt, is secure enough with his *masculinity* that he can still, to this day, paint his toenails red, play with dolls and wear a fake plastic diamond studded headband pa*tending, while on the same day, ski down a few black diamonds and some back bowls with some serious *freshy-fresh* and not think twice about it [the princess stuff I mean] .  Thereby, you shouldn’t be worry about Charlie if he wants his toenails painted, make brownies, lick the beaters or wear my headbands all day long.  I’m SURE, he’ll grow out of it.

BTW, I LOVE Russian Navy.  My favorite OPI color yet. 

SO there.  There is just something so ridiculously and innocently cute about kids and their nests!  I just love it! 

*The bigger the nest, the better the rest * I say!

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  1. lgp permalink
    February 1, 2010 11:45 am

    You know – I still don’t remember that. I probably never played with the new doll anyway. :) But thanks, Sandy, for the replacement!

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