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Home at Last

February 28, 2010

Bill and I just got back from our super quick, beyond fantastic, 4-day jaunt to Utah.  *Our place*, as I’d like to call it, although Bill probably has other *titles* for this great state of which we love to travel…things along the lines of a guys trip perhaps???  He’s thinking Alta, Snowbird, major freshy-fresh and…no girls perhaps ???  Well…that’s just fine.

Once in a while :)

What we love:  super easy flight + an even easier 45 minute drive to Park City+ an elevation change that doesn’t affect a thing you do + everything  right at our fingertips, including a fantastic nightlife = a no brainer!!! 

We like to go roughly around the time of The Sundance Film Festival.  Did you all hear about our celeb sighting??  We saw Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley walking down Main St. in Park City.  Nice.  We’re doing good!  [we saw Julia Roberts in Little Italy, NYC ’04]

So Claire and Aaron were with us when we saw the famed celeb couple.  And guys, if you guys read this…we had a fantastic evening Friday night!!!  So fun. 

Back to Utah.  We stayed here.  The best.  Right on Main St. in Park City.  If we don’t stay at The Canyons next time we go, we’re staying here.  Room 43 if we can get it.  A very, very refreshing, uplifting, amazing trip.  Thanks hon!!

I started and finished a book on our vacation…Open, an autobiography by Andre Agassi. 

Wow.  I think I might have a third pretend boyfriend here after reading this riviting and haunting autobiography.  I always thought Andre was great from afar, but he retired before I really got *into* tennis, so I never really *knew* him, thus, my love affairs with Andy and Rog are so much more.  Now though, I have a new found *love*, on a much different level than my love for Rog or Andy.  [or Bode].  Seriously, this guy is amazing [aside from my amazing husband :] and I encourage everyone to read his book.  A book even a non-tennis person would enjoy.  Check out his website here.

So back to reality.  Our boys welcomed us with the best homecoming hugs and kisses any mom would melt three times over for, but before I knew it I had mac ‘n cheese on the stove, chicken nuggests in the oven, and 4 loads of laundry waiting for my attention. 

Alas, we had a fantastic evening as a family once again.  Thank you to both our moms and dads, and to Mikey and Briana for all your help with the boys.  Without you, the kids wouldn’t have had a seamless, eventful, easy-peasy non-parent week. 


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