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Last hurrah

March 9, 2010

Weekends rule.

If the kids want to dress in their jams and pretend to be superheroes using their ski goggles, why not??

I simply love the smell of coffee, left-over bacon and syrup that hinders while we’re cleaning up…

and watching my boys fly around my kitchen, into the family room to jump on a few cushions, then run into the pantry and back…

ad nauseam. 

Time to put the goggles and boots away though.  We were going to ski one last time this weekend, but the weather just isn’t cooperating!  Movin’ on winter!

But we did get our last hurrah, and it was a good one.

So the boys will just have to find other objects around the house to play superhero with ‘cuz i’m packing things up!

I just might be able to see my mudroom floor now!

whoot!  whoot!

Today the kids jumped around the house with harmonica’s and recorder’s and grayson ended up with his third war wound this month and a trip to urgent care for a sliced ear.

Do you think this is foreshadowing something???  I’m worried.  He just may have to wear his ski helmet permanently.

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