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Soccer dudes

March 16, 2010

Out with the old, in with the new!  Sports, that is.  Charlie and Pip started soccer last week.

It was 59 degrees out today, no wind, a perfect day!


We did sidewalk chalk, raked the leaves out of the sandbox and even raked part of the yard!  I would guess and say that we raked up about two million helicopters off the grass and into the woods.  Only two more million to go!

It was my turn to drive the kids to soccer, which meant I had to bring Grayson.  I had a feeling I knew how the day was going to play out.

I was right.  Someone was VERY upset that he didn’t get to play.

So he gave himself a time-out and pouted in the corner.  Do you remember the sliced ear he got last week?  Check it out.  It’s still, not so pretty.

I was thoroughly amazed at how *javi* got the kids to actually do drills…and listen…and do…

I was also amazed at how sassy this little shaver was on the stands with me.

But that’s nothing new :)  I actually felt bad for Grayson.  When he woke up from his nap, he went and got his jacket on and said, “mama, go soccer place now?”

You can see what little their attention span is still.  Charlie’s mind wanders like you would not believe!  See below.  Is he making *farting* noises out there??? 

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