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Funny sayings from our trip

April 9, 2010

Pictures to follow, but I just had to post just a couple of funnies before I forgot.  Here goes:

Thursday night.  Scenario:  Dr. Mike was checking on Isabella [who wasn’t going to sleep]. 

Mike:  “Isabella, why aren’t you sleeping?”

Isabella:  [in her not-so-dainty/really-husky little girl voice]  “I could close my eyes if I had more fooood…”


Friday at the pool:

Charlie:  “Mom, what are these?”  [pointing to his nipples]

Mom:  “Those are nipples.”

Charlie:  “What do they do?”

Mom:  “Ask Aunt Lizzie.  Sheeeee’s a doctor.”

Charlie:  “Aunt Wizzie, what do these do?”

Lizzie:  {silently giving me the look of *thanks*}.  “Those are decorations for boys”.

Charlie –  totally satisfied with that.

Lizzie, you are so smart.


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