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April 11, 2010

I have so many pictures to pour through, I’ve decided to post our trip pics in chunks.  Too many loads of laundry to do first!  :)

First of all, I have to note on how unbelievably good the kids were.  A shocker considering how our car ride for spring break was last year.  A complete 180 from last year.   Nana made them these absolutely adorable *ditty* bags which kept them entertained [for a while…..]

It was an absolutely gorgeous day when we left – probably about 70 degrees – and low and behold, our air conditioner went out!  It was horrible until about 9pm.  Look at Charlie’s rosy cheeks!  And check out the headphones!  If only Grayson would wear them, Bill and I would have been in seventh heaven listening to our *schtuff*!  Much to our chagrin, we now have CarsA Bug’s Life and Curious George takes a Vacation  memorized!!!

My hero driver.  Actually, he was way more of a hero on the way home.   I did my fair share of driving the way down!  I love you hun!

So we arrived in Santa Rosa Beach on Friday morning, after 19 hours of driving.  Not bad!  Not bad! 

Stay tuned…

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