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the Graduate

May 28, 2010

I’m home!  Yay!  Sorry about the long delay…I know it’s been a while.

After 4 days at one of the best photography workshops and conference, it is certainly good to be back home and in the humdrum of *Bruss family life* as it goes.  *Sigh*.

So here we are at Charlie’s preschool graduation party, Grayson included.


No doubt you’ll be able to easily spot my firstborn in the backrow of his first pre-school graduating class. He’s the only french-fry-guy, look-alike in the class…

Next year, 4K peeps! 

Simply put, Wee Know is the best.  It was a fabulous morning with a jumping house, nature walk, tons of games and much, much more.

After a year of having Grayson tag along to school with us, the teachers are very excited to have Grayson next year either in a mom & tots class, or [and hopefully]…

…get Grayson potty-trained so he can join the Robins class after Christmas break.  We’ll see.  Potty training session at Mamma’s this past week was a total bust!  LOL.

Dandy-lions for mommy!!!

So back to Minneapolis for a quick sec…we had dinner one night at Brits.  Check it out here!  Absolutely fantastic place.  We definately need one here in Milwaukee somewhere.

Grayson following along with the class song & dance.

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