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sprinklers + sticks

June 13, 2010
When the Lord created parents, he created something breathtakingly close to what he is.  We who have borne children innately know that this is the highest of callings, the holiest of assignments.
-Patricia T. Holland

I do not know where my kids got this learned desire for sticks, shooting things, and making gun noises, but I know it’s not from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Is it his *older* friends [Mason, Sam, Grant, Ivan, Cole…] who come to either babysit or play and help him rig up his gear??  Or is it just boyish innate-ness?  [I’m thinking the latter…]

We’re having in-ground sprinklers put in our front yard and the guys started this weekend which took for some fantastic truck-and-gear-watching from our front porch.  I was working in my office [which is to the right off the front door] and could hear all three boys laughing and playing as they watched the hoses going in, I couldn’t resist taking some pics and they had no idea I was right there behind them from inside our entryway. 

Was that a huge run-on sentence or what?

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