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June 17, 2010

For the second straight year in a row, my cousin Sarah’s high school soccer team [Wausau East H.S.] made the Wisconsin Girls State Soccer Championship and tonight was their first game in the bracket.

Of course we all went to cheer their team on [they played at Uihlein Soccer Park in Milwaukee], and at 9 o’clock when the game was over and we told the kids we were leaving, Charlie started bawling.  Oh the tears…the drama.  He did NOT want to go home.  He never does!

This was yesterday’s itinerary:  morning soccer camp, played at the park, went out to lunch with friends, went to another park, home for a quick nap and then onto watch Bill’s soccer game after dinner.

Today, was soccer camp, Nana’s house all day [full of activity], and Sarah’s soccer game tonight.  And at 9pm, when they are turning down the lights at the soccer park, and the consession stand is closing it’s window…mind you, it’s one hour past both of their bedtime…Charlie wants to go DO something.  Something, other, than go home. 

*  *  *  *  *

I think he has a little Uncle Buck in him.  Word has it, that as a kid, and after a very long day chock full of activities, [kinda like what was described above], grandpa and grandma Thayer would be driving home [at night] and Uncle Buck would be wanting to stop for ice cream or go miniature golfing.  Yep!  That’s my Charlie!

Anytime Charlie goes to a friend’s house, he basically wants to move in.  Fewer things make you look more nuts than losing the plot with your kid in the front yard with their friends and their parents.  That is just one of my nightmares: Extracting my kid from his friend’s house. 

Little Gray isn’t bad…he’ll protest a little when departure is announced but begrudgingly get his shoes and make his way to the car.  Charlie though?  His behavior at the point of extrication makes a case for leaving him wherever we are. Every time.  This is not new. From the first time he became conscious of visiting people, it appeared he wanted to move in with them. It gives a terrible impression to others of our own home life; what could we be doing to him that he hates going home?

His latest craze…collecting a gazillion rocks on our walks and storing them in his pocket.  This was taken on a day this week where he actually liked being at home!  A miracle.

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