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summer nights

June 27, 2010

You know it’s summer when you’re taking a family stroll and you see this above your house…

I love it.  It’s classic summer.

The people in the wicker basket were waving to the kids, and they were so excited about this big balloon flying over our house so we got in the car and chased it a bit.

While I think ballooning would be such a unique way to see nature and wildlife from a completely different vantage point, you couldn’t pay me to go in one of those. 

Here’s why:

1.  I’m thinking there might be some quiet moments, but I bet it’s super noisy in there.

2.  Go in something way up high that you can’t even steer??  No sir.

3.  Terribly scared of heights.

Here they look pretty high up, but when they passed over the trees, I swear their basket was going to brush the tree branches and get stuck they were so low.  Happy ballooning to you!

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