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*festivus* [revised]

July 4, 2010

Charlie’s birthday slash fourth of July weekend equals

 “let the festivities begin!”

This is my favorite time of year!  I love the hot weather, all the birthdays [charlie, bill, amy, jon…],  anniversary’s [jon & marty, and soon-to-be mikey & briana], and the fourth of July! 

I know I missed a birthday somewhere in there…

This is my absolute favorite holiday for so many reasons!

1)  Brought my firstborn home from the hospital on July 3rd [Charlie saw his first fireworks from a sling at the envy of most onlookers at only 3 days old!]

2)  We ALWAYS have great weather

3)  Fireworks…need I say more???

4)  It’s the birthday month!

5)  Matt comes home with his brood for a few weeks and the kids go nuts [Matt…you are really #1 in priority here]

These next pics are from Charlie’s 4th birthday party.


So on Thursdays with Nana, Charlie and his Nana made his *birthday cake* and it was AMAZING!!!!!

Umm…seriously?   So awesome.

I usually PAY to have the kids cake’s made, so when Marty [Bill’s mom, Charlie’s nana] offered to continue the childhood Bruss tradition of the kids making their own birthday cake, I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

[check out Grayson in the background picture above].

Not to mention, Nana is always so clever and creative.  Plus, what a cool tradition!  And Charlie was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited about his cake.  He knew EXACTLY what each part of the cake was made of [see above diagram].

 Some of his *buddies*…

More pictures coming from the 4th of July parade [at least…]

I lost my battery charger, so it’s causing a problem as far as taking any important pictures from here on out [including the upcoming wedding]!!!!  So hang loose…

Today is Bill’s birthday and Nana+Papa+Uncle Felix came over for dinner.  When Bill’s cake came out, Charlie was asked who made it and he screamed with delight…”the Piggly Wiggly”!!!!

At least…it was delish.

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