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some funnies…

August 13, 2010

Last week Grayson was acting a little surly, so Bill said to Grayson:  “Are you a little crabby?”  and Grayson retorts with, “NO!  Ia lobster!”

With a big sour puss face at that.  It’s amazing how he can be so abolutely sweet one minute, and so surly the next! 

Charlie, on the other hand, a romantic at heart.  Always schmoozing with the older girls.

Christina & Natalie Sorenson were playing with the kids at the beach today.  Christina says, “So Charlie, I am going to a big golf match with your dad tomorrow!”

Charlie:  “You mean Bill???”

Well, I guess it wasn’t THAT funny, but funny if you were there.  Happy weekend!

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