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us, lately.

September 21, 2010

Yes, it’s been a while.  We’ve been busy.  Haven’t you??

Here is a two-month synopsis, in a nutshell.

Grayson.  Getting potty trained.

You can’t see it, but there are about 50 books in our little downstairs powder room where he needs his *privacy*.  Definately got that from his older brother, ha ha..but we’re ALMOST there.  65% I’d say.  Yay!

Charlie’s first day of school drawing, with dabberdots.  It’s a knight in shining armour with his dragon.  Pretty good I think!!  Charlie goes to school everyday except *Thursdays with Nana*.  His last year with Nana…*sigh*.

Ugh, the bathroom.  It’s been, …a while.  I’m dying.  Our house is trashed.  The workers are in and out, constantly.  Right now there is a wet saw upstairs which is hardly quiet or dust-free.  And we’re only half way there??

In the afternoons, while Grayson naps, Charlie helps me in the yard in between our little soccer games between the two of us.  He has become quite handy!!

BTW, Grayson’s naps aren’t really naps.  He sits in his lower bunk and quietly and sneakily gets about a thousand books and piles them in his bed and reads for about two hours.  It’s great.  Oh, he sleeps with the books at night, too.  Very particular, that one!

Last week the kids and I volunteered at the *I Back Jack* Back to School Golf Event, to benefit our dear friend Jack Bartosz and his friends who are battling neuroblastoma, a very rare and viscious form of childhood cancer.  It was an amazing day and night, one that many neighbors and friends have been working on for months, and it was a H-U-G-E success.  Unfortunately, our friend Jack is not doing so well, and it is so, SO sad.  Learn more about our friend Jack here, and if you have room to help out or donate, please consider donating towards Jack’s cause!


The hats say it all, my friends.  And they want to wear them everywhere, which is hilarious.  I absolutely cannot believe I got Charlie to hug Grayson here!  Charlie’s weird.  He doesn’t like their skin to touch.

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  1. Jody permalink
    September 25, 2010 5:45 am

    I have missed your blog entries! Thanks for the update. The picture of you and the boys at the I Back Jack event is awesome. I love hearing about the boys. They grow up so fast!

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