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numero tres

October 26, 2010

Well the G-man is almost three!  Wow.  He talks like he’s 5, but looks like he’s 1.5, poor thing!  But my little toadie is hilarious to boot.  Here’s proof.

These five frames were literally taken in about 45 seconds.  I brought him to the studio and he read books while I had a quick session, and I had about a minute to capture something quick before we had to leave.

And this is what I got.  So, SO, him. 

The kid with an intensity you would not believe, with the non-stop chatter, and the inadvertant ability to sit still.  He simply must take after his uncle Jon here somewhere…

Or so I hear.

Pee-pee trained, not quite poopy trained, with a lot to say, our little flea is almost three.  [Grayson would correct me here and scream, “I not a flea!  Ia rooster!”].  Well, we’ve renamed him “Pepe le poop in my pants” which derived from “Pepe le peu” – you know, that skunk on Bugs Bunny, which surely fits the bill right now. 

More on the G-man later.

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  1. Jody permalink
    October 27, 2010 5:21 am

    Love the pictures. Had you not posted new ones and updates on your sweet boys, I was going to file a complaint! Miss you.

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