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right now

November 18, 2010

A good friend and I were talking last night and she asked me “What is the best part of you right now?”

I like that question, especially the qualifier right now.

Well I’d like to believe I’m made up of thousands of ever-changing moving parts (both physical and not) which constantly rotate and cycle and the best part of me is constantly changing.

But I answered pretty quick.

“My kids.”

They are the best part of me right now.  Maybe that is because of  their “chuggy” cheeks (Grayson) and darling big blue eyes, or how they pat my head when we’re snuggling in the morning “like we do the dogs” (Charlie). 

And even though my life lately is a lot of this:



The only kid in town that is proud of the fact that he pooped in his pants 6 times today and enjoys spreading the word.  The kid who is temporarily back in diapers and his crib (trying reverse psychology) and likes it!  I maybe should have consulted Aunt Lizzie on this one because it backfired.  Well it is probably all of those things and more, because when I am not so easy on myself, when I feel disappointed at the little things I can’t seem to conquer, I know my kids are satisfied with me.

Kids are a Godsend.

That just might inspire me to do a “thankful top 10” this year. 

Check back.

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