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Package Delivery

December 21, 2010

We got an email today and this is what it said:

Dear Amy and Bill,
I’m hoping you can help me out:
Did you know that we have a Brownie living at our house? (A Brownie is essentially the same thing as an Elf, like your Pieter.) Our Brownie’s name is Alfred — Alfred C. Elf — but he goes by the moniker “Alf”. (Actually, he is a friend of Pieter at the North Pole and was thrilled to know that Pieter is stationed so nearby.) Since he has no children here whose behavior to monitor, he does other stuff (all of it well-meaning, but some of it verges on the naughty!). One of his favorite activities is baking and he has been quite busy in the last week making cut-out cookies with Charlie, Grayson and Willie in mind. Unfortunately, I  delivered the cookies for Willie because I was in a rush and I am still paying for it: Alf emptied a 5# bag of flour all over the kitchen because he wanted to deliver the cookies himself.
To avioid further angry outbursts and messes in my kitchen, I have assured Alf that he can deliver the cookies to Charlie and Grayson himself. Here’s the rub and why I need your assistance: Alfred is painfully shy, so shy that we seldom see him, just his shadow disappearing around a corner; so, although he wants to deliver the cookies, he does NOT want to be seen. His plan is to ring your front door bell some evening this week, drop the cookies and run. Is there a night this week when you will be home and waiting for the doorbell to ring, then waiting af ew minutes longer for Alf to make his getaway without anyone peeking at him through the window or opening the front door? What evening and what time would be good for you? Tonight (Tuesday) or Thursday is good for Alf. If Wednesday is best for you it will have to be about 7:30 or after (Alf is having dinner with some other Brownie buddies) … but not too late so the boys are still up. If none of these work we’ll figure out something else.
Let me know ASAP and thanks for your help! Oh! and be sure to share this information about Alf with Charlie and Grayson, emphasizing his shyness.

Well, oh my gosh, like a hook, line and sinker (as Bill put it), they ate it up.

[SO, if you can tell me who the brownie really is, you will receive some of his frosted cookies!!!]

  (email me separately, unless you are the culprit). 


Well, our doorbell rang promptly at 7pm, and while my little shavers were pondering over their corn, a little brownie scurried into the night.  

Interestingly, the doorbell rang, and rang, and rang!!! 


 No one was to be seen at the door, yet a box of some really yummy cookies were on our doorstep! 

And a note.  From Alf.

It says:

Dear Charlie and Grayson,

These are the cookies I made for you.  You can eat them just as they are or you can frost them and decorate them with colored sugar.  Lots of fun! 


The pictore on the front  looks just like me (see above picture) EXCEPT my hair is brown, I don’t have a beard, and my body looks sort of like a pine cone.

[Charlie thought this was hilarious].

Did you know I used to make the same cookies for your dad when he was a little boy?

I hope you like them.  They are my favorite.  Don’t eat them all up before Christmas – save some for Santa.  He loves them!  Also, give one of two to Pieter; he likes them too.  (Pieter is my good friend from the North Pole.  We have so-o-o much fun together).

Be good now!  Merry Christmas to you and Happy Birthdya to Baby Jesus! 


Alfred C. Elf, aka “ALF”


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